Global Maps of Land Subsidence susceptibility

These maps have been published in Science on January 4, 2021: G. Herrera-Garcia, P. Ezquerro, R. Tomas, M. Bejar-Pizarro, J. Lopez-Vinielles, M. Rossi, R. M. Mateos, D. Carreon-Freyre, J. Lambert, P. Teatini, E. Cabral-Cano, G. Erkens, D. Galloway, W.-C. Hung, N. Kakar, M. Sneed, L. Tosi, H. Wand and S. Ye, Mapping the global threat of land subsidence, Science, 371 (6524), 34-36, doi:10.1126/science.abb8549, 2021.

Interactive map of Land Subsidence sites

This map has been developed by the students Sandra Ławniczek and Hubert Madetko, AGH University of Science and Technology in Krakow (Poland), Alessia Giarola and Laura Pedretti, University of Pavia (Italy), Giacomo Cogo, University of Padova (Itay).