P.O. Box 85467, 3508 AL Utrecht, The Netherlands

I am working as expert in the interpretation and application of geological and geotechnical information for national and international civil engineering. On the subject of land subsidence, my experience includes the construction of nationwide subsidence prediction maps for the Netherlands, and subsidence studies of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam and Jakarta, Indonesia.

I am a member of the IUGG national commission for Land Subsidence and Sea Level Fluctuations and from November of the UNESCO Working Group on Land Subsidence. I conducted research and worked on projects on regional subsidence and water management, artificial ground freezing, open pit mine stability and nuclear waste disposal. I developed a subsidence modeling tool incorporating time dependent processes, which has been modified at Deltares to interact with the MODFLOW hydrological models. Recently I worked on the hazard analysis of induced earthquakes in the Groningen Gas Field. I was co-developer of the Climate Adaptation Toolkit, a guideline for regional and local authorities in the implementation of climate adaptation measures.

I authored and co-authored papers on land subsidence, on stochastic modelling of heave risk in excavations, on nuclear waste disposal in Tertiary clays, and on artificial ground freezing. I graduated in Geology (MSc) in 1981 at the University of Leiden after completing the Masters Course Engineering Geology at the University of Durham, UK.