Department of Geology, University of Balochistan, Pakistan

I am currently working as a faculty member in Department of Geology University of Balochistan, Pakistan. I completed my BS in Applied Geology in 2011. I was appointed as a Gemologist in 2013 in Pakistan Gems and Jewelery Development Company, after working there for 1 year I joined Balochistan Irrigation Department where I worked as a hydrogeologist for 3 years. I was sent on deputation to a World Bank project titled “Balochistan Integrated water resources and development project”. I then joined Department of Geology, University of Balochistan in 2018 after leaving the Balochistan Irrigation Department. I had done my M.Phil. on Land Subsidence and declining water resources in Balochistan region. In collaboration with Colorado University USA I used DGPS units, INSAR imagery and water decline to measure land subsidence in Quetta Valley, Balochistan and asses its causes. I have also used the same techniques to quantify plate tectonic motion of Chaman Fault. My Interest include mapping of land subsidence using remote sensing & GIS and Plate tectonic movement to identify earthquake prone areas. I have recently installed extensometers on Chaman fault to measure its creeping and fissure widening in Quetta Valley.

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