Shanghai Institute of Geological Survey
Shanghai Institute of Geological Survey, 930 Lingshi Road, Shanghai, 200072, China.

I have established a set of systematical working procedure for land subsidence investigation, monitoring, prevention and management in Shanghai through continuous survey and study of environmental geology in Shanghai for nearly two decades. This is a new breakthrough in the environmental geological work serving for the urban disaster prevention management. It has played a guiding role in the land subsidence monitoring and prevention in China. I have put forwards new ideas for the expansion of the geological environment work serving areas. For example, the large application oriented projects “The study of the impacts and countermeasure of Shanghai geological environment on the urban safety investigation “and land subsidence mechanism and control measures in the coastal areas caused by construction” I took charge are all beneficial attempts to expand the land subsidence serving aspects, which have closely linked the land subsidence to urban safety management. Recently, I conducted exploratory research in the rail transit land subsidence risk assessment, and established a set of land subsidence risk warning index system based on the regional land subsidence, geological structure and engineering activities.

I have also participated in the entire process of the drafting of the “Regulations of Shanghai Land Subsidence Prevention”, and innovatively took the regional subsidence, engineering induced subsidence, groundwater exploitation and recharge account into joint implementation of land subsidence prevention. I also took full participation in the drafting of “Land Subsidence Prevention Plan for Yangtze River Delta area, and contribute to integration of subsidence monitoring network, monitoring standards data sharing, information dissemination and prevention measures.

As the main drafter, I took part in several specifications drafting, including national standard “Specifications for land Subsidence Survey and Monitoring”, Shanghai Construction Specifications “land subsidence monitoring and control technical specifications” and ” Technical regulation for geological disasters risk assessment ” .

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