Capital Normal University
College of Resource Environment and Tourism, Capital Normal University, Beijing, 100048, P.R.China.

Dr. Lin Zhu is Professor at College of Resource Environment and Tourism, Capital Normal University, Beijing, China. She received the Hydrology and Water Resource Ph.D degree in 2007 at the Jilin University, China. Her research activities are mainly concerned with identifying the different correspondence of land subsidence due to over pumping of groundwater, increased building loading, underground utilization, fault activation, stochastic modelling and risk analysis of land subsidence and earth fissuring in Beijing Plain and Jing-Jin-Ji Plain, where is the largest subsidence funnel and the largest groundwater depression cone in the world. Some of her research outputs has served Beijing Geology Survey. She has been involved in research projects related with land subsidence funded by the National Science Foundation of China (NSFC), Beijing Municipal Science & Technology Commission, Beijing Institute of Hydrogeology and Engineering Geology.

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