Abidin, Hasanuddin Z.   Institut Teknologi Bandung


Kepala Badan Informasi Geospasial (BIG)
Head of Geospatial Information Agency of Indonesia

E-mail: hzabidin@gd.itb.ac.id

Hasanuddin Z. Abidin is a Professor at the Geodesy Research Group, Faculty of Earth Science and Technology, Institute of Technology Bandung (ITB), Indonesia. At present he is also the Head of Geospatial Information Agency of Indonesia. He obtained his Insinyur degree from Dept. of Geodetic Engineering, ITB in 1985, and his MSc.Eng and PhD degrees from the Department of Geodesy and Geomatics Engineering (previously Dept.  of Surveying Engineering), Univ. of New Brunswick, Canada, in 1989 and 1992 respectively. His academic background is related to the theory and applications of satellite geodesy; and his research works up to the present times includes the following areas, namely: ambiguity resolution of GPS signals; the use of GPS system for geodetic surveying, land surveying, cadastral surveying, and marine applications; use of GPS survey method for monitoring fault motion, geodynamics, volcano deformation, land subsidence, landslide, and dam deformation; geodetics aspects of the international boundary; and integration of GPS and INSAR for deformation study.


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