Instituto Geológico y Minero de España, Alenza 1, 28003, Madrid, Spain.

I lead the Geohazards INSAR laboratory and Modeling group in the Geological Survey of Spain, coordinate Earth Observation and Geohazards at EuroGeoSurveys, and participate in the Land Subsidence International Initiative from UNESCO. I am interested in assessing the impact of landslides and subsidence in urban areas through Radar Interferometry (INSAR) remote sensing.


– Detection and mapping of landslides and subsidence phenomena
– Monitoring terrain motion through multi-sensor radar satellites and ground based SAR systems
– Terrain motion susceptibility, hazard and vulnerability of buildings and infrastructures
– Landslides and subsidence geo-mechanical Finite Element Modeling
– Exploitation of GIS and Web-GIS technology for the analysis and dissemination of geo-hazards

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